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Middays with Mike

Middays with Mike

Mike Nelson is in the air chair from 10am-3pm with the regions only live and local Midday Show loaded with information,  great guest co-hosts and of course Country Superstars!

Up and down the dial from WKRP is a good description of Mike’s radio career so far. Mike began his radio journey in August of 1993 as a junior in High School. He would finish up his day at school and walk to the studios of WOKT in Cannonsburg, Kentucky and sign the daytime station off the air sometimes as early as 5:30pm. He also worked weekends at WLGC AM & FM and after High School WDGG, WRVC, & WCMI while working full time (weekdays) at The Ashland Plaza Hotel (lots of energy back then). Later on he spent 3+ years at WEMM AM & FM, a brief stint at WALK FM, WZAQ & WOKE. His most recent radio job was sales and on-air for WGOH & WUGO where he created a two hour weekend show called “GO 80s”. 

Landing at WPAY is a dream come true as you never say never in this business. “I never thought that WPAY would return, as a little boy our family listened to WPAY on the way to church every Sunday morning”. Mike loves the history of the Portsmouth area and hearing the stories from former WPAY listeners about staff and events hosted by the Station. “I want to continue the tradition of being a community radio Station and staying close to the roots and spirit of its programming.